Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Assignment #6

I'm not quite sure who's to blame, but everyone at Tuesday's class seemed extremely disinterested.

Students were bored either because they didn't care (which they should, since if they want to go into journalism, they're really going to have to know videography) or they'd heard it all before. If they took 2320 last semester, they heard Dan X. McGraw, a frankly more accomplished mojo ("mobile journalist"). Also, many students are in Lisa Parisot's class, so they are probably already in the process of learning these things, so it was just old hat.

Even the writer himself admitted that his current vocation isn't even what he really wants to do. He desires to be a feature film director, but the class wasn't made aware of this fact until nearly the end of the class, and by that time, all students were ready to get on with their days, so any questions about his filmmaking career remained unasked.

Only one student seemed interested in asking his inqueries, and those were all technical questions that no one had any interest in hearing or answering. It made for quite the yawn-filled class frankly.

And honestly, the video quality was merely adequate. Questions were asked about compression, which makes the videos load faster and take up space, but the quality is diminished even more.

The videos on the site still looked amateurish. It may be a lack of funds or the mojo was on deadline, but none were too impressive.

I normally love guest speakers, but Tuesday's experience all-around was unenjoyable (but that could just be the fact that the MacLab lost my I.D.).

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